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Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
What's better than a regular chocolate chip cookie? One without flour? One with almonds in it? How a..
Apple Crisp
Tired of yet another apple pie? Yeah, we know that's impossible, but the fact remains that everyone ..
Apple Pie
Everyone's heard about the Johnny Appleseed conspiracy, right? You know, the one about a solitary ma..
Apple-Blueberry Pie
This one's sort of an oddity among pies, it has no historical origins, it's primary components don't..
Apple-Cranberry Pie
A variant on the American staple apple pie, this pastry utilizes the tart cranberry to ample affect...
Banana Bread
One of our very first products and a beloved favorite at farmer's markets, banana bread has a pleasi..
Blueberry Pie
This pie is one of our more popular ones and for good reason. It's wonderful by itself but even bett..
Perhaps another precursor to the mysterious apple-blueberry pie, this pie first emerged when our gra..
Ok, we know what you're thinking... Chocolate Cake for breakfast (cue Bill Cosby's "Dad is Great' so..
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin
The original recipe was intended to be a cupcake, but we found that the frosting made the whole thin..
Molasses Cranberry Sugar Cookies
This was originally supposed to be Molasses raisin cookie, but because of a happy accident in the ex..
Peach Pie
Light, flaky, and carrying a pleasantly mild sweet. It's only rational that the good old persian app..
Pumpkin Pecan Muffin
Tired of your only muffin option being chocolate? Well that's why we created the pumpkin pecan muffi..
With its nice, sour flavor, the sour cherry pie is a fine example of a pie that stands out from the ..
Strawberry Pie
Admit it, the more you think about this, the more you want a nice big scoop of icecream next to it....
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