We have several gluten free pies to choose from.  If you desire a pie that is not on our list, please contact us and see if we can make one for you.  We try to use local ingredients where possible.

All of the pies are hand-crafted according to your order and thus need a day or two lead time.

By default we make the pies in an aluminum pan, but we do offer a glass pie plate as an option.  There is a $5 deposit on each glass pie plate.  You can bring it back for a refund or keep it, your choice.


In addition to the different fillings, each of our pie crusts can be made with your choice of shortening.

Shortening Options: Lard, Organic Butter and Organic Palm Shortening (Vegan)

We prefer lard as it makes for a much better crust.  By default all pies will be made with lard unless you request otherwise.

Crust Options: All crusts are Gluten Free.

Crust Ingredients:
Gluten Free Crust:  Gluten Free Flour (Garbanzo Bean Flour, Potato Starch, Tapioca Flour, White Sorghum Flour, Fava Bean Flour), Lard, Organic Butter or Organic Palm Shortening, Filtered Water, Xanthan Gum, Sea Salt

Fruit pie crusts have a small amount of Organic Coconut Milk and Organic Cane Sugar on the top crust.

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