About Us


Gluten Free...but doesn't taste like it!
What we do:
We bake dessert items the old fashioned way with the highest quality ingredients we can get. We use modern tools and traditional techniques to create delicious baked goods.

Why we bake our way:
We bake with organic ingredients because we have found that they are not only more nutritious but they taste better as well. We make items with gluten free ingredients because we have gluten sensitivity and we LOVE our sweets and we know others do too. We've also struggled with other allergies and introduced those products as we traveled through our "healing journey". 

Why we do the business:
At first, we did this simply because we enjoy baking, however, we are also starting to learn a lot about business management and other good life skills. In the early days we sold baked goods outside our house to the kids walking home from school. Now it has become so much more. Jackson (21) and Ben (19) both have the plan to eventually change this from a humble hobby business to an actual, full time career.
At the moment, we are selling our products in four different markets, two in Colorado Springs and Denver each. They markets are as follows:
CFAM at Pine Creek and Front Range for Colorado Springs, and Cherry Creek and City Park for Denver

We are allergy aware and we strive to separate the utensils we use in baking our products to help contain cross-contamination. Our commercial kitchen is gluten and soy free; however, it is not a certified gluten-free kitchen. Items are produced in an environment that may contain wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, & or nuts.